Future Unlocked!

Future Unlocked!

More than anything before, the pandemic uncovered the immense contribution of culture and creativity to citizens’ well-being, social innovation, economic growth, and international cooperation. Policymakers and businesses now increasingly recognize cultural and creative sectors (CCSs) as the key players in the construction of the “new normal”. With the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in mind, the main challenge remains how to empower the CCSs to boost sustainable development in the global context to the best of their capacities.

Let’s unlock the future!

From 12 to 15 September 2021 and with pre events in April, May and June, Creativeforum.si, the European Creative Industries Summit and the Centre for Creativity Slovenia will join hands in this endeavour. The European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) is a yearly conference organised by the European Creative Business Network (ECBN). Hosted by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU, they will gather creatives from the European Union and beyond to identify skills, tools and methods used to unlock the potential of the global creative economy. How can it best contribute to green transition, social innovation, economic growth and innovative administration, efficient in building a sustainable post-COVID world?

The high-level conference will also address the CCSs’ often overlooked yet unique contribution to foreign relations, with particular focus on ensuring peace and stability. In partnership with the Union for the Mediterranean, the conference will look into successful practices from Southern Mediterranean and make a case for a reinforced support to creative economy in the context of foreign policy.

Join us in testing and boosting new forms of collaboration to make creative economy a strategic enabler of international peace and prosperity.


WEDNESDAY, 21/4/2021, 9.55 – 12.00

Opening and Presentation of the ECIS21

THURSDAY, 20/5/2021, 9.55 – 12.00

Great Green Creative Economy & European Emerging Horizons
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SI: Velike zelene kreativne industrije in evropska nova obzorja

WEDNESDAY, 23/06/2021, 9.55 – 12.00

Sustainable Creative Skills & Considerable Creative Bureaucracy


SUNDAY, 12/9/2021

13.30 Pre-event: ECBN Member Forum (invitation only)

19.00 Welcome reception for all participants

MONDAY, 13/9/2021

9.30 ECBN Expert Forum

9.30 Creativeforum.si – Creative hubs session
(invitation only)

Senior officials meeting

9.30 – 11.00 Culture in Fragile Context Panel discussion organised with EUNIC Global

11.15 – 13.00 SOM policy exchange

(invitation only)

13.00 Lunch

14.30 High-level Policy Forum: Cultural and Creative Sectors as Generators of Economic Growth

16.30 Creative tour of Ljubljana

19.30 Networking dinner & cultural programme

TUESDAY, 14/9/2021

9.30 High-level Policy Forum: Cultural and Creative Sectors as Drivers of Peace and Stability

11.00 Best practices presentations (policy making & business)

13.00 Lunch and excursion to the Slovenian coast

17.00 Wrap-up working sessions of senior officials & creative hubs

21.00 Night-owl session

WEDNESDAY, 15/9/2021

9.30 Field trip & debates: Creativity for Sustainability

12.30 Farewell lunch & departures

– also streamed online


Creativeforum.si is a platform for a lively and cross-sectoral exchange between creatives, entrepreneurs and policy makers. It invites different sectors – industry, foreign policy, education, tourism and more – to jointly create an enabling environment for the cultural and creative sector to prosper. It provides capacity building, networking opportunities and room for debate. It is an advocate for and a catalyst of policy change.

Primarily, it targets the regions of the Western Balkans and the Southern Mediterranean. However, it knows no geographical limits and partners with institutions and businesses from around the globe. A strong cultural and creative sector is a global need. It is key to development, peace and people’s well-being.

The Forum was launched in 2018, in cooperation between the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Union for the Mediterranean. Since then, it has considerably grown and joined forces with a wide array of international partners. While its first edition in 2018 reviewed the regional state of affairs in the cultural and creative sector, the 2019 edition set the ground for collective action under the title “Creative Capital United”. Many new partnerships were established and new ideas born. Some networks expanded and others were imagined for the future.


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