Creative Forum Ljubljana 2018

Creative Forum Ljubljana kicked-off on 11 and 12 April 2018. It was hosted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and the Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean. Its aim was to identify sustainable instruments to support the cultural and creative sector in the Southern Mediterranean, the Western Balkans and the EU, when implementing joint cultural projects.

Beside the representatives of the sector, the event was attended by high-level political guests (ministers and high representatives of the EU and other international organisations). They called for a reinforced cultural and creative cooperation between the regions and exchanged their views on a wide range of strategic topics concerning the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The Forum was inspired by the Positive Agenda for Youth – a Slovenian initiative that was first launched in the Western Balkans and, in 2017, was integrated in the Roadmap of the Union for the Mediterranean. The lack of prospects for young people is among the most pressing regional challenges (social deprivation, migration, radicalisation). The cultural and creative sector, on the other hand, is transformative in generating jobs and opportunities, especially for the vulnerable social groups.

Conference conclusions:

  • The cultural and creative sector is one of the crucial areas for regional development and cohesion. A region-wide network of young creatives must be created and further supported (possibly also through a new “window” in Creative Europe).
  • The creative sector is one of the most rapidly growing sectors globally. One job in creative industries opens up 23 new jobs in other fields. This sector therefore deserves to be placed at the top of the regional agenda.
  • Creatives expect better understanding of their work from local communities, governments and international organizations. Creators do not like imposed models. They expect that policy makers will listen to their solutions and provide bottom-up support.
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